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The reason its loved by all genders and ages.

The reason its loved by all genders and ages.


The hinged clasp zipper backback is the most popular anello® product. This polyester canvas bag is loved by many, regardless of age or gender. This model is exactly what the concept of anello® is. Here is the first reason why it is loved by so many.

The polyester canvas used for the main body of the bag is easy to handle, is light and is available in many colors. The gold zipper, metal parts and cowhide suede make this a classy bag. The biggest feature is the wide-opening to the main part of the bag. The specifications allow the bag to open up very wide to make it easy to pack and unpack and, it is easy to see what is inside the bag. This is accentuated by the use of a contrast color in the bag lining. The rectangular silhouette is makes it look smaller than it is.

There is a zipper on the back of the bag to ensure easy access to the main pocket even if it is full of things. On the brand tag there are two wine bottles crossed and the Portuguese saying, Com pão e vinho, anda-se caminho meaning , “bread and wine and people can walk”. It is the same as the Japanese proverb, “I cannot fight hungry”. From this, anello feels you “Can’t leave home without this bag!” Of course that is an exaggeration, but it contains our secret. The hinged clasp zipper bag is anello®’s icon bag and we plan on releasing new colors and materials. We hope you look forward to further releases!

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